Things are not looking good for R. Kelly. The 53-year-old disgraced singer is currently behind bars as he awaits his numerous trials, but it has just been reported that new charges were thrown on top of his existing battle, making things even tougher for him.

R. Kelly has been the subject of several televised docu-series detailing his criminal activity over the years, including sex with minors and sexual assault. He is facing a very long time in prison and, as if things weren't bad enough for him and his legal defense, new charges have just been added to his record.

R. Kelly Charges
Chicago Police Department via Getty Images

Two alleged new victims are introduced in new legal documents that were obtained this week, with one woman claiming that she was underage when she had sex with R. Kelly. The indictment was filed with new charges present, including coercion of a minor and transportation of a minor across state lines. He is also facing new federal racketeering charges.

Kelly is now facing a total of nine federal charges in New York and thirteen in Illinois. 

Do you think R. Kelly will manage to find a way out of this predicament or will this end up being his downfall? My bet is on the latter.