Sister Circle Live hosted Jocelyn Savage's parents yesterday, along with R.Kelly's ex-wife Andrea Kelly. During this episode, Andrea finally gathered the courage to share intimate details of her decade-long relationship with him. The main focus was placed upon her experience as a victim of domestic violence, which eventually led to at least one contemplation of suicide. This testimony adds a new layer of context to the "sex cult" stories. 

Jocelyn's parents claim their daughter is being held against her will. Her father says the proof is in her contraction of chlamydia and herpes. The girl's roommate, a nursing student, is said to have been made aware of the situation as well. She chose to help Jocelyn on her way to wellness, given her field of study. Here is a partial clip of the interview:

These claims match the allegations made by another alleged victim who is suing for sexual battery, false imprisonment, and failure to disclose an STD. For some reason, this thread of stories has been received with shock for the most part. Have we already forgotten that the singer had married an underaged Aaliyah? Are people unaware of his being indicted for multiple counts of child pornography? The list goes one, unfortunately. This is what happens when we protect our artists to the point of moral blindness. Sound off.