Things haven't been looking too good for R. Kelly. The R&B singer has been locked up on sex crime charges since 2019 but he's been denied bail on several occasions. Still, his lawyer is trying his best to get Kelly out of prison as he waits for trial while his fans apparently take to the streets demanding justice for the singer.

Michael Rapaport shared a video of an R. Kelly protest taking place in Brooklyn. A banner reading, "Justice For R. Kelly 'Due Process'" was held by two protesters while the man leading the protest sent his message loud and clear through a megaphone. "Sony Records is the real pedophiles," he declared in the microphone. The video was initially posted on producer Marco Polo's Instagram Story.

"Real time in BROOKLYN right now like currently. A Free R.Kelly Rally in Fort Greene Park. This is NOT A DRILL," Rapaport captioned the post.

This wouldn't be the first time Kelly's supporters have hit the street for him. Just a few weeks ago, protesters in Chicago marched the streets, calling for his freedom. The group of people marched down the street chanting "Free R. Kelly" and "Where were the parents?" 

Frightening times we're in. Check the posts out below.