R. Kelly's stress levels must be through the roof these days. Not only is he facing major backlash for the allegations of sexual abuse against him that were discussed in Surviving R. Kelly, but the Chicago studio that was featured heavily in the docuseries was recently subjected to a search by Chicago authorities. After finding evidence of residency in the industrial warehouse, officials are coming for the singer over a lengthy list of building violations.

According to TMZ, Kellz' Chicago studio was hit with 66 building violations predominantly due to the use of the space as a residence and not having proper permits to build a sauce, bar, and steam room. Court documents reveal that the fines range from $500 to $1000 for each day the violations go without being addressed. Kellz is facing a fine that could be anywhere between $33K to $66K per day.

Kellz was already ordered to take out all of his permanent items from the building. However, he is allowed to use the space to record music from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The studio was swarmed by Chicago officials and police last week for complaints that the place was being used as a residency. Sources claim that R. Kelly denied that the studio was ever used as a living space and says the space is exactly how it was when he began renting it.

Kellz' lawyer claims the judge sided with the singer despite the violations and rejected the City's attempt to shut down the building entirely. His legal team argued that the issues with the studio weren't deemed an "Emergency" therefore they were ordered to remove personal items.