As WBTV in Charlotte is reporting, North Carolina radio stations are falling like dominoes in the purge of R. Kelly's music. WOSF-FM operations manager Jeff Anderson may have been the first to comply, but radio stations across town have echoed the sentiment, with immediate effect. Without much fuss, WBAV-FM (also in Charlotte) issued a statement precluding its DJs from putting R. Kelly songs in rotation.

 Scott Olson/Getty Images

"I believe especially the female community," Jeff Anderson said in his address over WBTV. "They are up in arms. They don't really want that support there. They expect that we would be a community leader. We are here to serve the community first and foremost - be a voice."

Jeff Anderson would also speak of a "climate relative to women's issues" ultimately gaining the upper ground over an artist's discography, let alone someone like R. Kelly, whose has been in suspension ever since Lifetime's documentary began airing. Just this past week, Kelly announced his intentions to embark on an overseas tour in Australia, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka specifically - but the intensified efforts of the #mute movement effectively drove that idea to the ground. Two Dallas-area radio stations were at the vanguard of the movement to block Kelly's from regular rotation - others (Nationwide) are expected to follow.