Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, R. Kelly will not be performing at the upcoming inauguration of Donald Trump. It appears that this is a case of "fake news," which -- not coincidentally -- followed another potential piece of "fake news": the "golden showers" report that leaked earlier this week.

With the unsubstantiated report claiming that Russian intelligence has video evidence of Trump receiving golden showers from a gang of Russian hookers in a Moscow hotel room, social media thought it would be hilariously appropriate for the subject of Dave Chappelle's famous "Piss on You" video to welcome him to the nation's highest office. In one of Kelly's infamous sex tapes that brought him to trial in the '00s, he is alleged to have urinated on an underage girl. 

Taking to Twitter last night, Kelly posted an image of a statement that denies all rumors about his inauguration appearance. "End. Of. Story," he captioned the post. Regrettably, he chose to place the statement on a yellow background.