The ramifications from Lifetime's series Surviving R. Kelly are starting to hit home for the R&B legend, literally. As we reported, Chicago PD and the B & Z Department investigated Kelly's Chi-Town studio after the docuseries dropped. Kells allegedly had been living in the studio, which is only approved for industrial purposes. Of course, the speculation is that Kells used the studio as a base for his alleged sexual activities, so police were very eager to get in there and shut things down. They reportedly found evidence that Kells had been living in the space. Allegedly, work had been done without proper permits or authorization. Although that sounds like damning evidence, TMZ is reporting that Kelly is calling the entire investigation bogus. 

Sources close to Kells tell the media site that the authorities have it all wrong. Kells never lived in the studio according to the sources. The bed that was found in the studio was placed there for long recording sessions. There were times where Kells would be int he studio for 14 to 15 hours, and he was too tired to drive home. Infamous Chicago Winter storms were all cited as a reason that Kelly might need to have a bed in his studio, in case he got snowed in. The fact that Kelly also has a real residence at the Trump Tower in Chicago helps his case. The sources also claim that Kells believes the studio hasn't been changed since he started renting the space, stating that the single bedroom area was always there.