R. Kelly is still behind bars and it doesn't look like things have been going well in there for him. Just the other day, it was reported that the singer was attacked by a fellow inmate. According to TMZ, Kelly and his lawyers believe that the guards had ignored his concerns over a potential attack just weeks before. 

Steven Greenberg and Nicole Blank Becker, Kelly's attorneys, said that there's been tension building up between Kelly and the prison guards over the past few weeks. They explained that it began with the R. Kelly protests that took place outside of the facility, forcing the prison to be placed on lockdown. Greenberg said that the announcement the guards made to fellow inmates may have made them upset in the first place.

Greenberg added that the guards were informed of Kelly's concern over a potential attack. Kelly said that he overheard his alleged attacker suggesting he was going to harm him just weeks before the attack. Greenberg said his client told the prison guard he "didn't trust" the inmate when they had to take the elevator together. Then a few days later, Kelly apparently made complaints to doctors about the guards telling inmates he's to blame for the lockdown since it's putting a target on his back.

Kelly added that he also expressed his concern to two guards over the two to three week period before his attack and nothing was done. 

The inmate who attacked Kelly was later identified as Jeremiah Shane Farmer. He struck Kelly in the head numerous times after entering his cell. Farmer admitted to the attack, claiming that "the government made" him do it in order to "shed light on" government corruption.