R. Kelly's new album, Black Panties, isn't quite the best Christmas present to give to your sister, therefore next year, Kellz plans to give a gift that the whole family can enjoy. The R&B icon is working on his first Christmas album.

In a new interview, Kellz revealed that he’s already started recording for next year’s Christmas album.

“I’m working on a Christmas album right now called the 12 Nights of Christmas and it’s gonna be a lot of lovemaking,” said Kellz. “I come with that bearing gifts.”

Even though he’s working on the album already, he isn’t releasing it until 2014. “I started it last Christmas actually, but I don’t believe in just putting out a Christmas albumjust to sell records. It has to be the next ['This Christmas']. In order to get that and capture that moment, you have to take a couple of Christmases and then you come with it.”

Kellz also revealed that he has about 7-8 albums worth of material waiting to be released. His follow up to Black Panties is half-way written according to Kellz, and he had this to say about it:

“It’s gonna be another 12 Play album. It’s gonna be that type of album because there’s been a lovemaking album drought…and I’ve come to save the day.“

Watch his announcement below.