K Camp looks to have found himself a viable running mate. In a Twitter post appearing on K Camp's account, a video captioned "RKelly x KCamp Coming Soon" depicts the pair grinding it out in a cluttered studio. 

R. Kelly's hands are hovering above the keyboard, a bottle of Henny and an unopened Coke can to his side. To his left an entranced K Camp bobs groovily at his work station. The video cuts out before the song can be made out fully. The general make-up of the song is one that seems to embody innate characteristics from each performer, similar to other rap/r&b collision courses involving R. Kelly. "So Sexy" by Twista comes to mind almost immediately as a prime example.

"I got the game on lock. I've got your bitch on lock" followed by two other bars, obscured by poor sound quality, give a fair account of how the song could look in its final form. 

Amidst organized boycotts of his music, R. Kelly continues to maintain a public profile, while K Camp is poised to broaden his audience once and for all. This collaboration would certainly help his cause. Keep it locked for music from the pair.