While R. Kelly was on tour this summer, news broke out that he was leading a sex cult out of two of his homes in Chicago and Atlanta. The singer has since denied leading a sex cult but allegations are still being held against him. One of the girls who was allegedly held captive has also denied it in a series of videos. However, another alleged victim has given a detailed account of the time she spent with R. Kelly.

In the season four premiere of "The Real", alleged R. Kelly victim, Jerhonda Pace, went into full detail on how she got initiated into the cult, the time she spent in the cult and how she managed to escape. While sitting down with the show's hosts, she said that her first encounter with the singer was when was she was 16. She detailed how she met the singer as well, saying they initially met on his tour bus after one of his shows.

"I got invited to his tour bus. I went out to his tour bus and you have him naked and her naked, and I’m looking like ‘okay, what is this?' because Rob is the one who took my virginity," she continues "He told me to look at her, and he said that she was going to teach you everything you need to know."

She also revealed that the woman she met on the bus was a sex trainer R. Kelly had hired for the women he brought into the cult.

"The trainer, it’s a woman, she trains you to please him sexually. She taught me how to please him, she also taught me what I liked." She said.

As Pace began to cry, she later went into detail about some of the physical abuse that she had to endure under R. Kelly's captivity. She said that Kelly would slap her in the face and he would lock her up in a room for days.

She later tells the hosts about how she ended up escaping from the sex cult. While Kelly was preparing for a party, Pace told him that her uncle lived a few doors down and that she wanted to go to his house to grab some clothes, which led to her escape.

"I told him my uncle lived a few doors down and I wanted to go to my uncle's house to grab shoes. And he was like 'Okay, well when you get there, you get the shoes and you come right back,'" She said, "And at that moment, when I knew I got out the house, I was like 'I'm not going back'."

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