DJ Vlad has been sharing videos from his extensive sit-down with Lisa Van Allen, R. Kelly's ex-girlfriend and one of his accusers. Van Allen also appeared on the Surviving docu-series, sharing details from her story via that medium. Yesterday, Van Allen made some bombshell claims, telling the world that Kelly had gotten Aaliyah pregnant during their relationship, which was actually the reason why they got married when she was still a teenager. She also said that while Aaliyah slept in the bedroom, R. Kelly would often creep into the living and have sex with Aaliyah's mother. While those claims are alleged, Van Allen claims they came directly from the singer's mouth. In the most recent part of the interview with Vlad, Van Allen goes back a few years to when she stole a sex tape from his collection that she was involved in, leading to a dispute with her ex-boyfriend.

Mike Pont/Getty Images

Van Allen says that in 2007, R. Kelly found out that she had taken one of his sex tapes and handed it to his band member. Kelly's lawyers claim that Van Allen reportedly tried to get $300K to give the tape back. However, she denies that she ever asked for any money. She says that Kelly offered to pay a quarter of a million dollars for the tape, which she ended up agreeing to. She only got $100K from the deal with Keith, the band member, getting the same amount. The remaining $50K was apparently unaccounted for.

With so much happening in the R. Kelly case, it's gotten difficult to keep track of all the new details. Watch the new part of Lisa Van Allen's interview below to hear her story.