The day of love has arrived and naturally, your commemoration of Valentine's Day will involve music of some sort, and it's likely you've already got it queued up. Whether it's tried and true favorites or leaders of the new school, could your playlist picks reveal something deeper about yourself? 

R&B's central motifs have always centered around the topic of love, not finding much variety elsewhere. But where the genre succeeds is at presenting fans with the varying degrees of the emotion in question. From breaking up to making up, our favorite crooners and sirens are never short on making sure that all bases are covered. But, what happens when our inclinations towards certain tracks transform into full-blown tendencies, our music choices bleeding into our love lives? Perhaps, the propensity to turn into a sap after a breakup has more to do with what's on the other side of that "play" button.

How well do you know your romantic type in music form? Are you even prepared to handle the truth?

Take our quiz below and find out what your R&B selections are saying about your love life. Sound off in the comments below with your results!