J. Dilla is one of the most legendary producers to ever grace hip-hop culture. When he passed away in 2016, Dilla left a soulful gap in the hip-hop landscape. His passionate and profound sound mixed samples with astounding effect. His influence is widespread; his sound influenced legends such as Kanye West and has served as the backdrop for artists such as CommonRaekwon, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and many more. Dilla worked closely with The Roots on their 1999 album Things Fall Apart, which is a classic. According to Okayplayer, Questlove confirmed that he saved a beat from the late producer all these years, and he plans to use it on The Roots upcoming album End Game

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for CORKCICLE

“At one point, ‘Table of Contents’ was gonna be a four-parter,” stated Questlove of the classic single series. “I made a third verse for Tariq [Trotter] that wound up going to The Legendary [1999 EP]. So that was part three. I’m actually saving part four for End Game right now. Dilla did the beat for part four. I’m gonna use Dilla’s music for opening the End Game album.” End Game will be the group's first album since their 2014 project ...And Then You Shoot Your Cousin.