A few years ago, nobody knew who Quentin Miller was. Today, he is one of the more recognizable names in the hip-hop world for controversial reasons. QM still releases music on the regular but he's more known for his writing ability... especially on Drake records. When the beef between Meek Mill and Drake was at its height, it was revealed that Drizzy used Quentin Miller as a ghostwriter, one of the most stunning allegations of the entire year. Quentin became a notorious figure in the music landscape because of his involvement in the beef and it seems to have left a seriously bad taste in his mouth, causing him to throw a subtle shot on Twitter last night, only to delete it moments later.

According to the r/hiphopheads page on Reddit, Miller claimed that Wiz Khalifa's "Letterman" was actually his own song. "I don’t even know if wiz knows that I was apart of letterman... we didn’t speak at all actually... song was given to him by a 3rd party... that’s the fun life of being a writer," wrote Quentin in a deleted post. He elaborated that the song was meant to be his own but that after he sent it to another artist to record a guest verse, it must have gotten into the hands of one of Wiz' producers. 

Later, Miller posted a link to Drake's "No Telling," to which a fan replied asking him to write more music with Drake. He threw some subtle shade at the artist by saying, "Never doing anything with that guy again." Obviously, it's understandable that he wouldn't want to meet the same fate as he did a few years ago when it came out that he had written for Drake, but he could have gone without even responding to the tweet. 

All of the posts have since been deleted but Complex and Reddit users managed to get an eye into the situation. Miller ended his rant by announcing he has new music arriving today at 1 PM. Are you looking out for it?