We previously reported on Universal Pictures releasing a first look and teaser of Lena Waithe's up and coming new film, Queen & Slim. The film, which stars Get Out's Daniel Kaluuya and introduces Jodie Turner-Smith, updates the infamous Bonnie and Clyde story. In the first trailer we saw, we got a glimpse of the plot wherein the duo found themselves in a sticky situation after shooting a police officer while out on a date. And now, the movie has an official trailer which explores the plot a bit more. You can watch the latter below.

Following a spontaneous Tinder date, couple Queen and Slim take on an interesting journey of crime, love, and thrill after shooting an officer of the law. Their journey brings them to meet a series of characters and undergo a slew of mishaps as they attempt to outrun the law. Though in all of the this, the theme and underlying question remain the same: Will Queen continue to ride for Slim (and vice versa)? In this epic tale, the viewers will get to choose whether the pair are violent criminals or Robin Hoods. The movie brings a fresh take to the usual narrative and we look forward to seeing what will come of it.