Despite the seemingly unstoppable momentum of Migos, the self-proclaimed "biggest group in the world," Quavo has still managed to find himself involved in some legal trouble. A few weeks back, reports surfaced that Quavo was involved in a brawl with famed Eric The Jeweler, which led to some serious accusations of both assault and robbery. At the time of the alleged attack, Eric claimed that he spoke to Quavo about a debt that Offset had incurred, only to be rebuffed by the Migos rapper. The conversation eventually popped off, and fists were reportedly thrown, leaving Eric beaten and missing a $30K chain. 

Despite reports that the NYPD was getting ready to arrest Quavo, it would appear that the rapper's fate is still in the air. According to a new report, Quavo's attorney Drew Findling claims that Quavo never laid hands on the victim; it was all the work of the goons. Findling claims to have seen surveillance footage from inside the 1 Oak nightclub, and confirms that the video proves Quavo was not directly involved in any physical contact. He was, however, present when the assault went down, albeit never coming "within three feet" of Eric. 

In light of this video footage, Findling is adamant that Quavo has done nothing wrong, and denies having heard any news of Quavo's impending arrest. As for the lost chain, Findling claims that Eric is spinning a jewel-encrusted web of lies; the footage reportedly shows Eric in possession of his chain all night, even after leaving the club. Stay tuned for more news, as this is a developing story.