Yesterday, Kanye West brought Sunday Service to his hometown of Chicago. 10,000 lucky people, who managed to snag free tickets within the minutes before they sold out, gathered at the outdoor amphitheater of The Huntington Bank Pavilion. It was a gray and rainy morning in the Chi, but spirits were still at a high from the hymn singing and ecstatic dancing. The entire event was livestreamed, but the video that received the most attention was probably the one a fan recorded of Kanye effortlessly wading through the crowd.

In the close-up clip, Kanye is being escorted through a sea of faces and phones, until he turns to his security guard, places his hands on his shoulders and says, "Watch this. It's my city." He then proceeds to pass through the people without any hindrance - no bulldozing by security, no demands for selfies, no hands reaching to be shook. Considering the religious context of the Sunday Service, it's hard not to make a comparison between Kanye waving attendees to the side and Moses parting the Red Sea.

Although Quavo is busy at New York Fashion Week and missed out on Sunday Service, he saw the clip of Kanye and decided to spin it into a meme. Quavo posted it on his Instagram with the caption, "M O O D. In The Club Tonight!" While the club experience for most ordinary folk rarely resembles this - often needing to aggressively shove as people cause you to spill your drink on yourself - the situation may be more pleasant for Quavo. Good for Quavo.