It's been a little over a week since Migos dropped off their highly anticipated Culture 2, and while early impressions were mixed, the group still managed to come through with some impressive sales. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard charts, with a Nielsen report claiming the album sold 199,000 units, with a mere 38,000 of those being physical copies. Be that as it may, the accomplishment established Migos as one of the game's biggest groups, further proving their commercial viability. Still, complaints of album length have continued to ring out, and while critics have been quick to target the bloat, The Migos seem unfazed by the criticism. 

And why wouldn't they be? They're clearly loving life right now. In fact, Quavo recently threw up a new video on his Instagram feed, seeming to celebrate the existence of the Kanye West co-produced "Bad Bitches Only." And while it doesn't exactly qualify as breaking news, the strange nature of the video is enough to merit a second look. Filmed from an airport (while presumably waiting for a private jet), Quavo bumps the 21 Savage assisted track while zooming in on an airline employee with focused precision. The employee, rocking some serious Dolce & Gabanna shades stares back, unflinching, licking his lips on occasion.

The clip goes on like that for about twenty-five seconds, becoming increasingly uncomfortable as it progresses. Still, you might find it hard to look away, as the video seems to possess a disturbing hypnotic quality. Check out Quavo's latest "unofficial" video below, and sound off. Should they lock this dude down for the inevitable official clip?