If it wasn't made abundantly clear through their recent single "Need It," the Migos have nothing but love for the timeless gaming icon Crash Bandicoot. Aside from referencing the marsupial in Offset's "like Bandicoot we bout to Crash" bar, Quavo also immortalized his love for the orange critter by copping an iced out likeness of Aku Aku, the spiritual guardian who protects and guides our orange heroes through perilous times.


Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

Given that a fourth Crash Bandicoot title was officially announced yesterday, the first mainline entry since 1999's Warped on PlayStation One, it's no surprise that Quavo has been excited, to say the least. So much so that he officially connected with the Crash Bandicoot team to showcase some early gameplay, which he went on to share with his IG followers. 

"Ya'll know I love some Crash Bandicoot," says Quavo, proudly flaunting his Aku piece. "It's about time for the next one. Sorry ya'll gotta wait till October, but look, I'ma put ya'll on." As he proceeds to navigate through the treacherous level, it quickly becomes clear where the Migos get their seemingly infinite supply of ad-libs. Between started cries of "Double Jump!" and "Spin!" one has to wonder if the Bandicoot's presence will be felt on Culture 3 in more ways than one. 

"Who else been waiting 10 years for this?" asks Quavo, in the caption. Well, have you?