Culture and Culture II helped propel the Migos to superstar status. The rappers, who've claimed to be bigger than the Beatles since emerging, were hit with a lawsuit last year by a rapper who claimed the trio ripped off their hit single, "Walk It Talk It." However, Quavo denies that's the case.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Speaking to XXL, Quavo refuted claims that the Migos stole the Drake-assisted single, "Walk It Talk It" from M.O.S. "I don't even think that lawsuit hit my table," he explained. "I don't know what you talking about."

M.O.S's single, "Walk It Talk It" was first released in 2008 on his mixtape It's Like A Movie. M.O.S alleged the ATL trio took a "substantial portion" of the song and is demanding that they stop performing the single live. However, M.O.S' copyright claim of the phrase and song was only filed after Migos released the single.

Quavo continued to explain how "Walk It Talk It" is slang in Atlanta that's been around for ages. Quavo credits his grandpa and uncles for introducing himself to the phrase.

"'Walk it, talk it' is a saying from Atlanta," he explained. "It had been a saying since the 2000s. Everybody say 'walk it, talk it.' My grandpa, my uncles and shit say 'walk it, talk it.' Man, that shit's an old saying, man. We been saying 'Walk it, talk it.'"