Although many people were convinced that Quavo would ditch the rest of the Migos to pursue a solo career, that clearly isn't the case. Huncho's been one of the most sought after artists in the game but without Migos, he wouldn't be as big as he is. A few weeks a go, Quavo announced that he'd be releasing some new solo music out of the blue. The rapper released three singles including "Lamb Talk" which recently received a visual. However, it looks like he has another visual coming soon and this time, it's for the song, "Workin Me."

Quavo hit Instagram to announced that his new music video for "Workin Me" is coming soon. The video is set to drop at 10 a.m. tomorrow and he gave fans a glimpse of what to expect. The video for "Workin Me" comes across as a mini-movie. The teaser opens up with a man telling Quavo, "don't fuck with me or my family ever" as they play pool. Shortly after, Quavo gets knocked out, kidnapped and tied up by someone and is seen with a black eye. It looks like a cinematic music video that'll further showcase Quavo's acting abilities.

Aside from his solo music that he's pushing, he's currently on the road with the rest of Migos and Drake for the "Aubrey & The Three Migos" tour. The trio are set to perform in Toronto tonight and tomorrow night. Unfortunately, the third show, which was scheduled yesterday, was postponed to a later date.