Over the weekend, Quavo took to Instagram to share some studio footage, in which a "sparring session" proceeded to go down with none other than MMA legend Conor McGregor. With talks of his impending return to fighting swirling on the daily, McGregor seems in fine form, allowing Quavo to do what he loves - "securing the bag." 

We already know that Quavo is athletically inclined, potentially even elite insofar as entertainers are concerned. His hoop skills are well documented, with a well-earned All-Star Game MVP title he can one day tell the grandkids, or honorary nephew Kulture, about. Yet it seems altogether unlikely that Quavo will dare wade into the full-bodied commitment of mixed-martial-arts. Though merely a playful sparring session, it didn't take long for Huncho to lose track of Conor's catlike agility. Still, you've gotta admire the unlikely camaraderie.

Speaking of which, Quavo is far from McGregor's only unlikely homie; the Notorious One was recently watching the World Cup with Vladimir Putin, praising the Russain leader as one of the world's best. Seeing as McGregor was occupied with the World Cup this weekend, it stands to reason that the studio footage took place a while back, when Migos were passing through the lovely city of Dublin.