It's safe to say the impact Quavo leaves on the music scene when its all said & done will be felt long after the rappers gone, but to assure his legacy is etched in stone, the Migos rapper wants to open a high school. On Monday, Quavo hopped on Twitter and informed fans that he wants to build a high school named “Huncho High” with a tag line that reads “leaders are made.”

Now who know if he’s really serious here or if he’s just trolling fans, but I know the process of trying to tackle such a daunting task such as opening a school takes years of meetings and referendums and not just one’s pocket books.

However if for some reason he was serious about it and was able to pull it off, I think its safe to say more kids would definitely want to attend school then. In fact, if he or any other rapper opened up a school and offered chances to interact with kids from time to time, kids might be more inclined to not drop out or skip classes. I wouldn't get my hopes up that this will ever happen, but the idea & concept of it is pretty cool.

Check out the tweet (below) and be sure to revisit his new remix to Rae Sremmurd’s “Swang” right here if you missed it.