Some might say he walks it like he talks it. Quavo has been enjoying life as a hip-hop superstar, but that doesn't mean he won't go full on GTA V when provoked. Over the weekend, Migos hit Las Vegas' Encore Hotel and Casino, where they proceeded to get into an altercation with a valet. According to the initial report, a valet asked Quavo to move his car, but the rapper was having none of it. From that point on, the situation only escalated into physical violence. To be honest, one can't help but wonder whether or not it was worth it. Perhaps Quavo is wondering the same thing.

TMZ reports that the popular Migos rapper has officially been hit with a battery charge. They also reveal a few more details about the incident, which don't exactly paint Quavo in a flattering light. Apparently, the valet wanted him to move his car because an ambulance was due to arrive. Quavo didn't take kindly to the demand, and that's when members of his entourage struck the valet. While it's unlikely that anything will come of this, it's never a good look to be catching charges when you're that famous.

Why Quavo feels the need to frequently find himself in brawls is unclear, but it's not the first time. You might recall his previous brawl with Eric the Jeweler; clearly, Quavious loves to brawl. Stay tuned for more news on this development, although it would be surprising to see this have any real impact on the rapper.