Quavo's pretty much the All-American at this point. He's a rapper, singer, producer, athlete and slowly becoming a bona fide thespian. The rapper's first shot in the world of TV came during his appearance as himself on FX's "Atlanta" alongside the rest of the Migos. He's also said that he's writing a script for a Migos movie. It's unsure when that'll surface but he recently flexed his acting chops once again on Fox's "Star" last night.

Quavo's inner thespian came out during the latest episode of "Star." The rapper played himself and shared a short clip of his appearance on "Star." In the clip that he shared on Twitter, the rapper spits game towards singer Alex Crane before Noah Brooks tries to intervene. Brooks then socks Quavo in the face which prompts the "Walk It Talk It" rapper to pull out his strap. Queen Latifah then successfully convices Quavo to put down the gun. Quavo's role in "Star" may have been slightly short but it's clear that this won't be the last time we see him on TV. 

Aside from his acting gig on the show, the rapper also collaborated with Star's Ryan Destiny for their new track "Lifetime" which dropped last week. It falls more in the vein of his pop work rather than his trap sound but Quavo definitely brought his flare to it either way.