Since exploding onto the scene years ago as part of the Migos, Quavo has always been one to floss his riches and jewels, whether in his raps or in real life, but now it appears he’s making those around him rich as well. In fact, Quavo says he pays his personal assistant $5,000 a DAY, which comes out to nearly $1.8 million for the year.

Quavo shared this announcement on Instagram yesterday with a picture of his personal assistant holding an umbrella and fan for the rapper under the hot sun, while the Migos rapper informed fans that he’s getting $5,000 a day for his work. He captioned the pic, “5k a Day My Asst. A Millionaire!.”

Unfortunately Quavo seemingly already has his guy and doesn't look to be hiring, but talk about having a sweet job. Sheesh. 

Quavo, and the Migos, are coming off the release of their 3rd installment of Culture, which dropped back at the end of June. Stream that project right here if you haven't done so already, and look for the ATL trio to be hitting the road in the near future for a supporting tour. We’ll keep you posted when more details & dates surface about that. Stay tuned.