Atlanta trap trio Migos have been under the microscope of law enforcement for more than a little while. Their live shows have always been rowdy affairs, and in some cases have led to violence among fans, and Offset spent some time in jail last year stemming from drug and firearm possession charges. However, after Offset was wrongly arrested and briefly imprisoned earlier this month, some feel the rappers have become a target for law enforcement. Fellow Migos member Quavo spoke to TMZ about it.

Firstly, Quavo dismissed the idea that Offset or anyone else will pursue punitive action against the police force that unjustly arrested the Migos rapper, especially because he ended up being locked up for “30 minutes to an hour.” However, Takeoff did go on to say that the police, “don’t give us no room to breathe. Y’all see it y’all self.”

Quavo then cites a show in Panama City Beach that the cops tried to shut down purely based on their past shows. Of course, the show must go on, but everyone in Migos is clearly tired of the police attention. “We just here to our job, man,” he states. “Got your daughter ’n’ shit dabbing, got your momma and sister dabbing. Just leave us alone.”