If you're just now investing in the cannabis industry, you're likely a little late. There's still money to be made but with legalization happening in more and more states, people have already gotten a head start when it comes to investing in marijuana. Weed is now legal for recreational use in Canada and New Jersey may be next to follow suit, potentially passing a new law in 2019. It's not uncommon for rappers to be given their own custom strains of weed. Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa smoke their own special hybrids and now, Quavo looks to be the latest to hop into the cannabis industry.

The Migos member teased a move into the business on Twitter, simply tweeting two words: "H U N C H O D I S P E N S A R Y." Of course, we may be looking too far into this; it could be a song title, or something completely unrelated. However, it sure seems as though Quavo is making the jump to become a business owner of a pot shop. His fans seem excited, expressing their approval in his replies. It's unclear when he plans to open up the Huncho Dispensary but it's likely he'll feature some exclusive products at the shop.

With so many big names investing in the marijuana industry, things are looking up for stoners around the world.