The PS5 release is perhaps one of the most anticipated events of the year. Despite what BlocBoy JB says, plenty of folks are excited for the new Playstation console, and a few of hip-hop's elite have received it earlier than the scheduled release date. It looks like Quavo is among them. 

Quavo got his early copy of the PS5, and like every major celebrity, it came in a glass case with a personalized message. As the rapper unboxed the console for Instagram, he sang "Merry Christmas" while flexing on everyone who missed out. "If yours ain't come in a glass case, they didn't send it to you," Quavo said, taunting the rest of us. "You were in line, slime," he added before struggling to open the case. Quavo then proceeded to read the message that arrived in awe.

A few other rappers have shown off their early PS5s. Travis Scott, of course, was among the first. Adding to his list of major brand collaborations with McDonald's, Air Jordan, and Fortnite, the rapper teamed with Sony for a "strategic creative" partnership, whatever that means. Ultimately, Travis Scott and Cactus Jack became the face of the latest PS5 commercial. Scott looks thrilled. 

The new PS5 is dropping tonight at midnight. Did you pre-order yours?

Check out Quavo's PS5 unboxing below.