Thanksgiving is today and most of us are thankful for having a day off of work. Of course, we're all grateful for the more important things in life: family, health, education, and other things we hold close to our hearts. Today is a day that we should express our love for the people around us and give back to those who may not be as fortunate. People like Nicki Minaj and Birdman made sure to provide turkeys for families that otherwise couldn't afford to buy one for tonight. While some artists are working hard on tour or in the studio tonight, many have taken time to reflect on what they're thankful for this year.

Everybody from Kevin Hart, Snoop Dogg, T.I., Quavo, and others have shared their Thanksgiving wishes publicly. As the holiday season is now in full swing, we can expect to see Christmas trees installed tomorrow, something that we're not entirely excited for yet. It still feels so early. For now, we rejoice with some gravy, turkey, and mashed potatoes.

To get you ready for your decadent meal tonight, we've prepared a few of the best Thanksgiving posts from this year. As the day rolls on, more celebrities will be telling us what they're thankful for. For now, peep the ones below.