Atlanta custom jewelers Icebox Diamonds & Watches are one the most sought-after goldsmiths in hip hop. One of their clients, Quavo, premiered his new $35,000 ice at Coachella.

The Migos rapper got a golden pendant representing the recognizable representation of Napoleon on his horse pointing forward. Underneath, the jewelers also added the popular "Dat Way" in big bold lettering. The gold chain is covered in diamonds -- 300 for a total weight of 10 karats to be exact.

TMZ spoke with Zahir Jooma, the owner at at Icebox Diamonds & Watches, who said that Honcho is a regular at their store. Apparently, the owner added that "Quavo asked for Napoleon pointing 'dat way' since it symbolized power and progress."

Offset also rocked a new "raindrop" chain at Coachella. Check out Honcho's new bling below.