Current Atlanta Hawks home court DJ and music director, Big Tigger, believes that Quavo deserves a shot with the team. The fabled host of BET's The Basement based his reasoning on Quavo's all-out display during the Celebrity All-Star Game.

Big Tigger got excited when the conversation veered towards Quavo's ball-playing:

"Quavo was out there balling like his life depended on it" he exclaimed gleefully. Tigger also showed appreciation in the interview for all the ATL area rappers that sit courtside and put on for the franchise on a regular.

"I think we should give Quavo a 10-day -- I don't know if he can play any defense but he can get us a couple buckets," he also added.

Check out Quavo's highlight reel and make up your own mind. Quavo could definitely give the struggling Hawks a little microwave offence off the bench, in my opinion. Admittedly, Tigger is right to question whether the skinny Quavo would be able to handle NBA defensive assignments. 

[via TMZ]