Aside from Quavo's recent run-in with the law where he allegedly beat the hell out of jeweller at a Grammys after party, the Migos rapper has a suggestion for the richest man in the world, A.K.A. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon.

TMZ recently caught up with Quavo and told him how Amazon was thinking of adding their second headquarters in ATL, where the rapper suggested it would be a good idea since "Atlanta is the mecca of the juice," he responds, adding, "we got all the drip we got all the swag we got all the bags and the cash." Quavo even entertained the idea of adding a Migos song in an Amazon commercial if it happens for real. 

Of course, Cardi B came up in conversation since Quavo's sidekick Offset is engaged to the New York-bred rapper. Quavo only had positive things to say calling her the "modern-day Migo gang" saying she's "the girl version of Migos, she goin' crazy."

Quavo kind of dodged a question about who the best man (or men) will be at Offset and Cardi's wedding, where you hear him just break out into a lil freestyle. Peep the video below.