If you've been praying for a future album between Drake and the Migos, you may need to start wishing a little more because it looks like Quavo was just messing around when he made a few mysterious comments recently. During a sit-down with GQ, Huncho was going through some fan tweets when he responded to one supporter hoping for a collaborative project from the 6ix God and the Atlanta trio. He responded by saying, "You must be a psychic," leading many to believe that the project was imminent. It turns out that 'Cho may have gotten ahead of himself though as if it does happen, it's nowhere near ready.

The Migos artist spoke with the LA Leakers last night, discussing his new solo album and the upcoming projects from Takeoff and Offset. During the interview, he was asked about the legitimacy of an actual mixtape where Drake and Migos combine forces. The artist replied, "I was just fucking with the people. We on tour, you know we got a lot of bangers. We can make 'em." It appears as though Quavo spoke a little too early last week, perhaps getting a little ahead of himself. The two forces definitely have a few tracks together that are ready to go but from the sounds of things, it might not materialize into a full project anytime soon.

The rapper speaks about the potential project at around the 13:00 mark. Watch the video below.