Yesterday's BET Awards ceremony was a big night for Atlanta premiere rap trio, Migos. Not only did they take the stage to perform some of their biggest songs off of Culture II, but they also accepted the award for "Best Group" for their second year in a row. 

In attendance at the awards was Quavo's family, but most importantly his mom. If you've listened to any Migos songs at all, you'd know that the members of the Migos love their mothers so much that "MAMA!" has turned into one of their popular ad-libs. So when TMZ caught up with Quavo and his fam at club Catch in West Hollywood after the show, Quavo didn't hesitate to show off his mom.

She came out looker her best for the occasion as well. Knowing her son's love of all things icy, Mama Quavo opted to sport from glittering sun glasses of her own. It's hard to keep up with the Migos in terms of sheer amount of jewelry, and Quavo makes sure to show off his spinning chain to the paparazzi before making his exit.

He was also asked about his thoughts on Dave Matthews recently covering one of his songs on Fallon. Quavo responds with some words to live by: "Everything beautiful when you show love to the Migos."

Quavo has been well known to spoil his mom. It wasn't that long ago when he bought her a brand new house as a Christmas gift. If that's not a good son, I don't know what is.