Earlier this month, an online petition surfaced trying to get Migos rapper Quavo to remake a modern age National Anthem. A man named Sean Grey initiated the petition and said. "It's [2017], and I think the nation should get with the times and feature Quavo on the National Anthem," he said. "He's a feature on everything else, so why not?”

With over 7,600 signatures on the petition, the running-joke of Quavo redoing the National Anthem has been a hot topic over the past couple weeks as the thought & idea of it really happening continues to get a bit more serious as it spreads around the industry & country. Well on Tuesday, we finally got to hear from the man himself, Quavo, on his thoughts of it all. TMZ caught up with the Migos rapper at LAX Tuesday afternoon, and was able to get a good long minute discussion in while there.

Quavo says he would love to remake the modern day National Anthem for 2017, and do it for all races & concentrate on unity & peace.

“There’s a lot going behind the National anthem. I would love to do it, but I wanna do like a 2017 National anthem for both people & all races” Quavo said. “Something thats representing now. Something that representing the modern day national anthem. So I think if I got with some good musicians and just write something that’s very strong & powerful.”

When the TMZ cameraman proceeded to tell Quavo he liked that he’s taking this all a bit more serious than he would've thought & thinking political, Quavo perfectly responded with… “I'm the Huncho. When you’re the hunch you the boss. you gotta know how to stand on whatever the people want you to do. Huncho for President you dig?” Quavo jokingly said as he walked away and sat in his Rolls Royce.

Check out the comical clip (below) and let us know your thoughts in the comments. If interested, fans can sign the petition right here while it's still live. Culture 2 on the way.