There was once a time when Quando Rondo was believed to be among the game's promising rising stars, though his circumstances appear to have dramatically changed. His association with the man who shot King Von has left him on the outside looking in, and though Angela Yee recently offered him space to share his side of the story, many have been quick to turn their back on the young rapper. 

Not even speculation of a full-blown industry blackball seemed to deter Rondo, however. He recently delivered his brand new studio album, the defiantly-titled Still Takin' Risks, foregoing features altogether -- whether this was due to his own creative decision or his lone-wolf status has sparked speculation. While his loyal fans did find much to appreciate about the project, it would appear that not many were tuning in to begin with, as Quando's first-week sales tally certainly falls short of expectation.

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

According to Akademiks, Still Takin' Risks has moved nine thousand album-equivalent units, prompting the media personality to inquire as to whether or not Rondo has the deck stacked against him beyond repair. It's certainly enough to note that a steep decline has taken place. A quick gander over at his RIAA profile serves as a reminder that Quando was once dropping gold and platinum tracks, including one collaboration with Lil Baby. Given Baby's current creative partnership with Durk, it's unlikely that he'll be working with Rondo anytime soon.

Though some have opted to clown Quando for his first-week sales, the rapper appears inspired, pushing himself to "go harder" in the future. Check out his reflection below, as well as Ak's sales report -- do you think Quando Rondo is in the midst of being blackballed?