Following his presence in the fight that ultimately led to the death of Chicago rapper King Von, Quando Rondo has found his career upended as a result. Though it was another man -- an associate of Rondo by the name of Lul Tim-- who allegedly pulled the trigger, Quando remained defiant and unwaveringly loyal to his friend. 

He addressed the shooting in depth on "End Of Story," maintaining that his crew was acting in self-defense and that LulTim deserved to be celebrated for his loyalty. "My mans ain't done nothing wrong," he declares. "And if your mans wouldn't have did the same, you need to stop fucking with him."

Given his seemingly unrepentant demeanor, many of Von's own allies have been openly antagonistic to Quando, with 600Breezy ominously "daring" him to perform "End Of Story" live. Before long, reports surfaced Quando had canceled many of his shows -- the reason behind it has been unclear, though many have speculated safety concerns -- prompting further disrespect from Breezy and his many vocal detractors. It should be noted that Quando has denied playing a role in the cancellation of his shows, instead blaming the police. 

In response to the growing tension, Quando Rondo opted to take preventative measures and deleted his Instagram entirely. But not before video footage surfaced in which he stands defiant once more, armed with a laser-sighted rifle and an additional sidearm. "We in Iraq right now, pull up, you hear what I'm saying?" he states, a message aimed at his more vocal haters. "I ain't got no shows, you dig what I'm saying? Free Lul Tim."

Sadly, it doesn't appear that this animosity will cool down anytime soon, especially as Rondo's demeanor suggests that he's feeling backed into a corner, his pride preventing him from keeping a low profile. We can only hope that no further escalation transpires, as there has already been enough gun violence within the rap game of late, and it would be hard to see another young artist lose their life.