Quando Rondo's shows have been getting canceled left and right out of fear for the rapper's public safety. He was set to get back on stage on Black Friday, but that was shut down at the last minute. Before that, there were rumors that Lil Durk, King Von's close ally, had purchased tables to one of Quando's shows, which was ultimately never confirmed. 

As Quando continues to taunt his opps on social media, he is also speaking out about what happened with King Von on the night the rapper was fatally shot. He recently released his new single "End Of Story", which references the situation, as well as a YouTube-exclusive mixtape called Before My Time Is Up.

Thaddaeus McAdams/Getty Images

Apparently, if supposed leaked DMs are to be believed, he's also been hounding Lil Durk to set up a phone call and get their beef settled before things get ugly for one of them.

A video is being passed around on social media, which shows an alleged conversation between Lil Durk and Quando Rondo in the DMs. The messages show Quando allegedly pleading to hop on the phone with Durk, claiming that he wants to "dead" their beef before things turn sour. According to Quando though, the messages are fake.

"Don't believe no internet shit I ain't dm nobody," confidently said the rapper on Instagram Stories. "And I don't have a Facebook or Snapchat!"

There has been a lot of misinformation spread about Quando Rondo as of late, which is muddying up basically everything around him. Recently, there were rumors that he canceled his own show in Georgia over Thanksgiving weekend, which prompted the rapper to hop on a live call with the concert promoter to clear up the confusion.

Do you think Quando slid into Durkio's DMs or is it all cap as he says?