Quality Control's City Girls Share 10 Essential Tips To Spotting A Broke Boy

Aron A.
June 04, 2018 16:16

City Girls share their guide to spotting a broke boy.

Quality Control is home to two of the biggest acts in hip hop right now but they're slowly building their team up and nurturing the new acts to do big things in the future. Back in December, the label released their thirty song compilation project, Quality Control Presents: Control The Streets Vol. 1. The project mainly consisted of songs from Migos, Lil Yachty and their friends but it also served as an introduction to the label's new talent. Miami's City Girls have been making waves for the past few months and in May, the released their project, PERIOD which featured the song, "No Time (Broke N*gga)." We recently caught up with City Girls and they gave us their guide to spotting a broke boy.

City Girls definitely have no time for broke boys and they've shared tips on how to spot them. From behavior to wardrobe, they've figured out exactly how to spot a broke boy from afar. One thing that gives it away is the car someone's driving. Yung Miami revealed that one of the worst cars she's seen a guy pull up on is a beat up Monte Carlo with the bumper falling off and two different colors for the paint job. J.T. chimed in and explained that if a guy ever tells you that their car is in the shop, they're lying.

"If a n*gga tell you, 'oh, my car in the shop.' Oh my god, they don't have a car, baby. They lyin'" J.T. said, "Maybe some people not lyin' but that is the most famous lie, 'Oh yeah, my whip in the shop.'"

Yung Miami also explained how she could identify how broke a man is by their baby momma.

"If your baby momma is fucked up, you broke." Yung Miami said, "Or you was broke before because that bitch is busted."

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