Quality Control CEO Pierre "Pee" Thomas denies Lira Galore's allegation of abuse. According to TMZ, the music executive has fired back against the claims Lira Galore made last week that he physically beat her on several occasions, including when she was pregnant with their child. As she alleged that he's an unfit parent, he argued that her argument and motives for making these claims are suspicious. "It must be questioned as to why she allowed him unsupervised visitation with the parties' daughter and waited so long to file this monetary claim," the doc filed to court reads.


Pee has also flipped the script on Lira, claiming that she was actually the abusive one in the situation. He said that she had been "physically violent towards him" while under the influence of various drugs. 

The allegations first came to light last week when news broke Galore was filing a $15M lawsuit against him. She claimed that he had abused her during her pregnancy. Later on, she requested for sole physical custody of their child after he filed docs for joint custody, claiming that he "has consistently demonstrated physically violent, emotionally abusive, irrational and erratic behavior." In Lira's lawsuit, she included photos of the alleged injuries. She's requesting Thomas pay for her attorney fees. It's already racked up to $19K but she wants $20K.