May your fruits of hard hustle be divine. Pierre “Pee” Thomas, CEO of Quality Control, is making sure to enjoy the fruits of his labor for sure. The strategic mastermind took to Instagram to show off his latest Rolls Royce, and posted a short anecdote along with the clip.

"2010 I called my best friend @wolfpackglobalmusic a hater cause I was about to buy the RR Ghost," starts of Pee. "He told me if I buy the car don’t come around him no mo bringing the wrong kind of attention. He told me just keep stacking and hustling @_dolla_1 @lilbaby_1 and @ced_1m was there to witness us arguing about this" continued Pee. It appears that at the time, Pee was making money is ways that may have brought attention on him that was unwanted by members of his crew. Oh, how the tides have turned.

"The man even told me to find a new church to go to just stay away from them," recalls Pee. "Fast forwarding 10 years later I’m on my 10th RR purchase and I got the Ghost with out the stress of what I was dealing with 10 years ago. Moral of the story if you stay down and focus on the positive and trust God he will bless you with a overflow of things that you never imagined could happen. Get people around you that want to see you win and motivate you to do better.This is not a flex post only to motivate y’all that this you can make this shit happen. Go get it and keep God first. Merry Xmas to all."

Keep that hustle strong ladies and gentlemen and happy holidays.