A Tribe Called Quest's We got it from Here... Thank You 4 Your service was billed as the group's final album in light of the death of Phife Dawg. It is one of the best albums of 2016, and would be a perfect, legacy-solidifying ending for the Queens rap quartet.

But in a new interview with Annie Mac, Q-Tip suggested that the final chapter of A Tribe Called Quest has not yet been written.

“Stay tuned for any other incarnation, ’cause we don’t intend on stopping because that was Phife’s M.O. was, like, ‘This time we gotta do it and keep going,’ and now he’s left us with the equation of how do we do it, but we are going to need it, and we’re going to continue," he said.

It did not appear that Q-Tip has any particular plans in mind, but was rather sharing his gut feeling. Elsewhere in the interview, he spoke on the album's "closure. "“I’m sure we would’ve liked to continue, but it’s just hard to imagine doing that without [Phife].”

Listen to Q-Tip's comments on ATCQ's future at the 11:45 mark below.