Dr. Dre's on-again, off-again album Detox has become a bit of a punchline in the hip hop community. The proposed follow up to 1999's Chronic 2001 has been in the works for years, and has even had a few false-start singles. 

Meanwhile, Dre has been making a killing off of his Beats headphones empire, moving him past Jay Zas the second richest rapper in the game just this week.

While some fans have given up hope, many still anxiously await any news of the album's existence, and a new photo of Dre in the studio with Q-Tip is the closest we've come to that in a while.

Q posted said photo to Instagram today, but the most telling clue was not in the photo itself but the caption which read, "#detox #lastzulu #hideyodrummachines #beatsnrhymes".

Q-Tip's upcoming album, The Last Zulu, which is hashtagged alongside Detox, has also experienced its share of delays. Perhaps the two have decided to get together to finally release their highly-anticipated projects?

Check out the post below. Do you think this a sign that Detox is coming soon?