On Thursday night, the Pusha T fandom proved itself once more when someone in the crowd returned a Cartier Love bracelet that flew off of Push's wrist during a performance in Amsterdam. 

In a clip uploaded to his Instagram page, Push invited the fan onstage to relish in the moment of having the pricey piece of jewelry returned to its rightful owner. "Aye Cartier, y'all bracelets keep coming off. Luckily my man found it," he says in the clip. "Cartier, y'all gotta cut it out.

He went on to double down on the moment in his caption writing, "My fans are so loyal that they wouldn’t take a penny from me. Thanks for finding and returning my bracelet bro!”

Push's love for his Cartier collection is well documented with the DAYTONA rapper flexing his range of gold, rose gold, and white gold bracelets in a profile with GQ. In the feature, he explained that he prefers to just keep the bracelets on as they are notoriously difficult to remove.

But, in his IG caption, Pusha T asserts that he has lost three of the bracelets "in a couple months by just wearing it."

Cartier bracelets are anchored down by a starting price of $4,500 while Push's own selections range from $6,300 and $6,750. According to Pusha T, the luxury brand is already working with him on updating his collection and finding a solution to keep this from happening again.