Rappers have been branching out into new and exciting endeavors, and while he's easily one of the most acclaimed emcees in the game, it would appear that Pusha T has been setting his sights on an entirely different marketplace: the world of children's literature. 

With his upcoming studio album on the way, produced in part by Kanye West and The Neptunes, Pusha took a moment to share his unrequited dream while engaging with radio host Matt Kolsky on Twitter. After Kolsky praised "Keys Open Doors" as being a low-key educational song, Pusha seemed to appreciate the compliment.

Pusha t

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

"Thanx and I’ve been trying to write a children’s book for years," he reveals, before delivering the ugly truth of the matter. "They won’t publish me..." Alas, it would appear that his subject matter has effectively rendered him undesirable in the kid's book market, though many offered the alternative solution of self-publishing. 

We can only hope that Pusha genuinely considers pursuing all avenues to make his unexpected ambition a reality, as he would certainly bring an interesting perspective and voice to your local bookstore's children's section. Perhaps he'll continue to work on making this one a reality -- should that be the case, we'll be sure to keep you posted on Pusha T's authorial ambitions. 

Do you think Pusha T should self-publish the children's book he's been working on?