Pusha T isn't about to let an ongoing coronavirus pandemic stymie his creativity. Instead, the Clipse legend has decided to use the self-imposed downtime to ramp up the productivity, to the point where we may very well be looking at three new albums when all this dust finally settles. At least, that seems to be where Pusha is heading, as evidenced by a recent Ask Me Anything he staged on Discord last night. 

“I’m actually working on three projects right now,” he explains, upon being asked about his current game plan. “So, you know, with everything that’s going on in the world right now, of course we’re not all together. But I’m well in on my next project. It’s looking kind of selfish right now, to be honest. I got a lot to say, man. A lot’s went on. A lot to address.” 

Pusha T Tyler The Creator

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Despite the allusion to a lack of features, Pusha hasn't been flying entirely solo. As he tells it, he's been obliterating a beat tape sent by none other than his old "Trouble On My Mind" collaborator Tyler, The Creator. And not Igor Tyler, either. “Tyler gave me a pack of like nine [instrumentals]. I think I did like four of em. And I don’t know where they’re gonna end up at, but I got em," he teases. "I make him go straight hip-hop, like, full-fledged. It’s full ignorance with me. I don’t want to experiment. I want to do only the filthiest of hip-hop these days.”

While many have come to appreciate Tyler's creative growth, there remain a core group that desires to see him go back to his BS -- the fuckin' walking paradox days. From the sound of it, Pusha has Tyler coming through with some grimy beats; no doubt his rhymes will be matching the tone in kind. Look for more news on these mysterious quarantine albums as it surfaces.