With Pusha T's new album My Name Is My Name finally on shelves and the internet, the rapper visited the Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 to continue promoting the LP. Pusha has been saying for awhile now that he has the best album of the year, and during his interview he talks about the bold claim. The Virginia native also speaks on rumors that he's smashing Kelly Rowland, and gives us the background story to his record that closes out the album, "S.N.I.T.C.H"

Right off the bat Pusha T talks about when he started saying he would have the best album this year.

"Listen, I like those projects," Pusha said, referring to albums from his rap counterparts like Jay Z's MCHG, Wale's album etc, which also came out this past year. "But I knew that I was just picking the ill beats and I knew people weren't gunna be in this lane. I knew it. So like I been saying this since the spring time. Everybody been lke, man you're just saying this on your rap tip. I'm like man, like y'all don't know who I am? I don't have the best verse sometimes, I can say that, I can say that I ain't sold the most records. If I tell you I got the best album, dog, you better believe I got the best album!"

However, one person who won't concede that Pusha Ton has the best rap album of the year is actually his G.O.O.D. Music boss who had large role in the making of MNIMN-- Kanye West. 'Ye still thinks Yeezus one-upped My Name Is My Name. "He actually did tell me that..'well, uh, I actually think, my album's better,'" Pusha said, recalling what Kanye told him.

The lyrical rapper was asked about his infamous photo with Kelly Rowland, which sparked rumors about the two. Pusha explained what happened, and was adamant nothing is going on between them. "We did a record together," he said. "Funny thing is, I got stranded in Atlanta that day. Wasn't even supposed to be there. So because I was stranded, I go to the party. I see her, I'm like lemme go over there, 'yo wassup wassup.' It won't nothin'."

Finally, the rapper shed some light on the stand-out joint "S.N.I.T.C.H." Push previously revealed that it was Pharrell who came up with the acronym, but now we get more of the back story.

"The last record on my album is called "S.N.I.T.C.H." What happened was I got a phone call one day. My man called me from jail and was just like, 'yo we not gunna speak again. We not gunna speak again.' Because he made the conscious decision to cooperate," Pusha T explained during the interview.  "And that was it. What happened was, after he called me, I had to like process it for a minute. I actually called Pharrell, 'cause he knew him as well, and he was like, 'yo that was his gift to you bruh.' He was like, 'that's it. It's a hell of a song.' I was like, 'nah that's a terrible song.' He was like, 'but you know that's a good song.' He was like, 'just think about it.' So then he called me two weeks later, and he was like, 'Sorry nigga I'm tryna come home.' I was like, 'what's that?' He's like, 'oh nah, that's the title of the joint. But you ain't listening though, that's the acronym for Snitch.'"

Watch the full Breakfast Club interview below.