Pusha T's album My Name Is My Name officially drops next week, but fans have already been able to hear the "rap album of the year" because Pusha let go an album stream a few days ago. As we initially reported, Pusha T let go the stream following an interaction with a Twitter user who threatened to leak the LP. We got a chance to sit down with Pusha Ton recently, and he spoke on attempting to prevent a leak.

Pusha explained that he was not planning to release an album stream, "No, I was gunna let it take its course. But somebody tells me they got the album...The leak is sorta inevitable, you want the traffic going in one stream and you sorta want the quality is of a decent standard anyway, and there's no telling when someone else has it, you don't know their methods of leaking it. A lot of times it's like really bad."

The G.O.O.D. signee continued to explain how the only people who are able to avoid leaks are Hov and 'Ye. "I've only seen it happen with like Watch The Throne and with like Kanye albums, and literally there are like people working over night 'cause they don't get the master until he decides to give it to them, which, by the time he decides to give it to them, there's no way it can leak," Pusha explained.

1/2 of Clipse also spoke on his collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, "Nosetalgia," revealing it was recorded before "Control" dropped, nonetheless, Pusha says that would not have affected his decision to hop on a track with K. Dot (unlike what Drake said).

"The track was recorded before," Pusha revealed. "I'm different. I look at confrontation differently, and I look at disrespect differently, and I don't think Kendrick disrespected me at all. "Control" was a competitive verse and it was a verse of relevance and it let people know who was on Kendrick's radar, and there's nothing wrong with being on Kendrick's radar or him being on mine. Rap has always been competitive. Then you just have to look at where I'm coming from, I don't think it's arguable, I put out the hardest records, that have made people jump out windows, with "Exodus" and things like that. The Kendrick verse was about sport, I don't think there's nothing wrong with that."

Watch our full interview below, where Pusha T also talks about his favorite characters on "The Wire."